Inspirational full day workshops for a whole class or a mixed age group from KS2 (up to 30 children).

With Music Wonders, children experience an inspirational full day songwriting workshop Ideal for a whole class or a mixed age group from KS2, for up to 30 children. Based around a particular subject or theme, for example a school might choose to write a stone age rap or a song about the importance of washing hands!

What happens on the day:

• Singing
• Researching
• Song-writing
• Recording
• Performing
• Reflection

We provide all schools and children with a copyright free product and an instrumental version of their song to use as you wish.

The benefits to children?

Workshops engage on a curricular level and have the added benefit of building confidence and pride. Children literally bubble with excitement when they step into our mobile recording studio and an expression of awe appears on their faces when they listen to their own song for the first time!


Workshops start from as little as £150 so please give us a call or email to find out more. 

Themes delivered so far…

Anglo-Saxons – Children write their own song, including all the gruesome facts! Destination Tyneside – Children visit the Discovery Museum’s latest interactive exhibition and learn all about people and families from around the world, who found homes here on Tyneside in the 1900’s.

Moving On – Y6 children reflect on their experience at primary school and how they feel about the transition to secondary school. A great graduation gift for children to leave their primary education with.

Toon Times – A great workshop in partnership with Discovery Museum and The Newcastle United Foundation. Children explore and research all the fascinating facts from NUFC’s turbulent history. Colin Veitch, Jackie Milburn and Alan Shearer to name just a few of the characters present in this exciting exhibition.

Newcastle Story – Children participate in an action packed workshop at Discovery Museum and travel back into Newcastle’s grizzly, horrible history. Rancid Romans and Stinky Stuarts, its the children who choose which parts of the exhibition to delve into!

World War 2 – With focus on how the WW2 effected children and women at home. Children get involved in debate and discussion before deciding on powerful lyrics.

An Intergalactic Trip – Children embark on a journey through their solar system and dive deep into their imaginations to create ‘out of this world’ lyrics.

We’re always creating new workshops and we are happy to discuss any specific educational needs.

Exclusive for teachers: CPD Music & The iPad

Music Wonders are offering class teachers exclusive music technology workshops delivered by our expert music producer Adam Sinclair.  An opportunity to learn how to use the iPad’s versatile GarageBand App for music composition in the classroom.

  • Create cool Hip Hop beats to spice up your numeracy and literacy hours.
  • Compose and record your own Horrible Histories style class song!
  • Have exclusive access to tried and tested lesson plans, designed by a qualified and experienced KS2 Teacher.

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